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About Our Company

You can Depend & Rely on Norfin Offshore For Your Ships

Norfin Offshore is foremost, an innovative value-added Marine Integrated Logistics and Support Service Company that directly supports oil prospecting, oil field development, and Energy Companies in Africa and South East Asia without losing sight of the intermediary roles for collaborative partnership relationships.

We have over the years owned our vessels, Dredgers and Shipyard and in continuation to provide ship brokerage, ship management, shipbuilding and ship repairs services to ship owners and prospective ship owners in West Africa and South East Asia.

Our long-term focus is on building and shaping our portfolio for future generations. We are mindful of our diverse role as a forward-looking Company, to challenge ourselves for the future and to focus on building for the long term. We take responsibility as a frontrunner Company in Singapore and Nigeria and strive for the advancement of the communities we operate in.

Our greatest Corporate Social Responsibility is in providing employment and skills development for the numerous young adults in Africa and South Asia. We believe that providing employment is the greatest empowerment we could give.

We strongly believe that the size and extent of our relationships, marketing, and marine transportation assets and network shows a broad strength, convenience, and reliability that characterizes our company as we bring to our clients the keys to the success and financial benefits of our business.

Norfin Offshore remains excited about our company’s prospects and faith in better positioning of our Company to realize the growth opportunities for our business as well as our customers and partners. Norfin Offshore looks forward to rewarding your loyalty and trust in doing business with us.

Our long-term focus is on building and shaping our portfolio for future generations.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of offshore maritime assets and ship management services to our customers and the preferred partner for sustainable integrated logistics solutions for the offshore and marine industry.

Our Mission

To provide Vessels, Ship Management, and Marine Engineering support services to ship owners and Oil & Gas Companies, including, but not limited to:

Provision of resources, assets, competence, and systems necessary to operate and support offshore operations at an optimum balance between cost, performance, and HSE.

Provision of valuable and quality maritime assets to our clients.

Competence and tools required to identify and implement business improvement initiatives.

Advisory services within the operational analysis and change management.

Commitment to quality and integrity in all aspects of our business- equipment, service, and customer relationships.

Constant drive to satisfy our customers, while always being mindful of our responsibility to our shareholders, employees, and the community in which we operate.

Our Business Values

We strategize to achieve excellence as individuals and as one efficient Norfin Offshore team. Our dynamic and competitive advantage lies in our reputation, knowledge, company competence, and on the depth of our specialization, and the quality and faster services we provide to our clients.


Our Appreciation

Our Company success is significantly attributed to our Customers support and trust.


We are passionately committed to learning, improving and delivering outstanding results.

Respecting Cultures

We treat others as we would like others to treat us. We strive to learn other cultures and management styles.


We are honest to ourselves, our profession, our company and our stakeholders.


We value each other and work together to benefit from our complementary strengths.

Our Policies

Norfin Offshore has established a culture of safety to ensure that all employees embrace the importance of Quality Management, Health and Safety of all employees, and protection of the Environment.

Below are the list of our policies: