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Empowering Your Marine Operations


Prioritising open and regular communication, meeting your needs and expectations.


Providing high-quality marine services through our expertise.


Consistently deliver high-quality services that align with your expectations

Who We Are

Dependable & Reliable Ships Provider

Norfin Offshore is foremost, an innovative value-added Marine Integrated Logistics and Support Service Company that directly supports oil prospecting, oil field development, and Energy Companies in Africa and South East Asia without losing sight of the intermediary roles for collaborative partnership relationships.

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Our Services

We provide a range of services designed to assist our clients on all aspects of maritime assets, such as sales & purchase, Ship Chartering, management, consultancy and repair.


Building & Supervision

Ship/Tanker Management


Ship Repair & Engineering

What We Carry

Marine Fuel Oil

Crew and Personnel

Project Cargo/Coal


Offshore Support Vessels

MGO Bunkering Services

Container Transportation

A Glimpse of Our Fleet