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Marine Consultancy

Norfin Offshore has been a preferred company in the Marine and Offshore industry for Surveys, Inspections, audits, and for Advisory, Valuations, and Engineering consultancy. Our knowledge, our resources, and our technical insight can be your business advantage.

Our ability to provide you with valuable solutions gives us the opportunity to serve you with joy, even at critical special demands. Our engineering team combines both marine, navigational, naval architectural, and mechanical expertise to achieve the best solution.

We are renowned for our reliable survey inspections and durable Market and Industry Analysis. We provide our Clients with predictable market information to enable their successful operations.

Today, Norfin Offshore is known for its high-quality, high-performance analysis for all types of vessels for both marine and offshore operations. It is by the flexibility and the richness of our collective excellence that Norfin Offshore is able to fulfill our clients’ most stringent demands and even customized specific requirements.

We pride ourselves as your ultimate solution for your quest for a cost-effective marine and offshore operation. We undertake an extensive range of surveys, inspections, and audits and as listed below:

Pre-Purchase Condition Survey

Norfin Offshore performs pre-purchase condition surveys for Clients intended to purchase vessel(s), for Insurance companies, and for Banks to confirm that the condition of the vessel is as described and meets the aspirations of buyers based on agreed terms and MoA. This work generally includes class record searches and an inspection of the vessel’s structure, machinery, and sea trials.

Pre & Post Charter Condition Survey

We carry out stringent pre and post charter surveys – documenting the exact condition of a vessel, its machinery, equipment and consumables at the time it is taken on charter, and again when it is return to Owner.

Due Diligence

We carry out due diligence surveys on behalf of banks, finance houses, insurance companies, and other third parties. This is to confirm that the condition and operation of a vessel or other asset or facilities are in accordance with its claimed status. We evaluate facilities (such as ship repair or shipbuilding yards) and their operations, their safety policies and standards, maintenance procedures, and the overall quality of Facilities.


We carry out Suitability surveys of vessels and their equipment to ascertain whether the vessel is fit for purpose, and suitable for sustained operations at specific locations and conditions (Climate, waveform pattern, power requirement, capacity, etc). Suitability surveys are valuable in establishing whether:

  • The vessels and equipment proposed for a specific marine operation are appropriate for both the actual work tasks and the environment in which the operation will take place.
  • The location proposed for the operation is appropriate for the actual work tasks and has the facilities, environment, and logistical support needed.

Asset Valuation

In accordance with international standards, benchmarking and our in-house analysis, we provide vessel/asset valuation services (OSVs, DSVs, Barges, Tugs & Oil Rigs) for owners, intended buyers, finance institutions, and Insurance Companies. We Safeguard your profitability and increase your competitiveness by providing you with the best value for your money.


We represent many Companies for their onboard internal ISM / ISPS audits in West Africa to confirm that their vessels are well-managed and systems are effective – operations and policies are adhered to.

Technical Bid Evaluations

Norfin Offshore carries out Technical Bid Evaluations for Oil Majors and Vessels Owners for the chartering of OSVs and oil rigs, shipyard repairs, and special projects. If you are putting a project or operation out to tender, have received bids to evaluate, or need technical input into contracts, we can assist you. We have worked on the tendering process in many areas including:

  • Vessel repairs
  • Marine transportation
  • Offshore marine operations

Sea Trial Professional Services and Vessel’s lay-up Crew

Norfin Offshore provides to Shipyards and Ship owners with Sea Trial professional services by providing appropriate and suitable Crew ( Deck Officers, Engine room officers, and Hotel staff) with knowledge of assigned vessel operational parameters. Our crew assists with taking proper data for analysis and ensuring the vessel(s) safe operations within the assigned scope and limitations. This enables your smooth Sea Trials and Sea Trial records.