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Our Services

Building and Supervision

It is our aim to provide our clients around the globe with high-quality ships and service with consistency while keeping up our high supervision and technical competence. We achieve this aim thanks to our capable and highly specialized staff who are at your service when it comes to dealing with your shipbuilding and Shipbuilding supervision requirements. With our ambitious technical concepts and experienced, competent staff we have been fulfilling increasingly demanding requirements by assisting in the manufacturing of efficient high-performance vessels for our preferred clients. Our guarantee and achievements in delivering high-quality vessels are our commitment to customer satisfaction. We challenge ourselves in meeting ever-changing regulations and new requirement standards. Currently, we represent several of our Clients for New Building designs recommendations and supervision.

Our Offer includes:

  • Vessel design
  • Vessel specification
  • Pre-qualification of shipyard
  • Bidding
  • Shipyard selection
  • Contract negotiation
  • Commercial closing
  • Vessel delivery